Rainbow Filters design and manifacture a range of Standard Circular Filters for your requirements, as listed below. These solidly constructed circular filters can also be supplied with a variety of weatherproof cowls for both top and side mounting. Mounting Flanges when required are made from 3mm or 5mm flat steel, depending on the size of the filter. The spigot “if required” is made from 3mm x 50mm flat bar.



Where a manometer is installed across the filter bank, the filter should be cleaned when the resistance is double the initial (clean) resistance, or when the resistance reaches 125 pascals.

Where a manometer is not employed, it is recommended that the filters are washed monthly for most general air conditioning applications. More frequent cleaning may be required if the installation is subject to high dust concentration.


First remove the TOP PLATE from the Circular Filter Cell then the CRIMPED MEDIA may be removed and hosed with cold water from the clean air side. Shake out the excess moisture and replace the CRIMPED MEDIA in the Circular Filter. (It is necessary to remove the crimped media from the filter for washing).


Remove the TOP PLATE from the Circular Filter and remove the old crimped media. Slide thE. new pleated element into position ensuring that the ends of the pleats seal evenly against thE bottom circular plate. Replace the TOP PLATE ensuring that the pleated element seals evenly against the top plate and that the plate is sitting squarely on the filter. It should not be necessary to remove the Circular Filter from its permanent position.

Filter Codes & Sizes

Filter Code Size Diameter x Height Maximum Spigot Diameter Capacity L/s
EAC30 254mm x 152mm 153mm 255
EAC31 355mm x 216mm 254mm 496
EAC32 457mm x 317mm 355mm 958
EAC33 533mm x 395mm 431mm 1416
EAC34 533mm x 457mm 431mm 1652
EAC35 610mm x 495mm 508mm 1890
EAC36 610mm x 595mm 508mm 2360
EAC37 864mm x 595mm 762mm 3540

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