AstroGel III


The AstroGel III Gel Seal Grid System has been successfully installed in cleanrooms worldwide for applications in the microelectronics, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries. The flush-bottom grid system can be used with AAF Knife Edge HEPA, ULPA, and MEGA filters, either in a pressurized plenum, or with individual ducted modules. For protection against leaks, the AstroGel III grid system uses a two part silicone gel sealant that adheres firmly to the knife edge on the filter to form an airtight seal. The extruded aluminum 2” E-channel members bolt together easily to keep installation time at a minimum. Their configuration is adaptable to your specific needs, and can accomodate piping, sprinklers, and other utility penetrations.

See our brochure for complete construction details and assembly options.

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