Welded Bevel Seal Frames


The Bevel Seal frame is a factory welded, extruded aluminum frame developed specifically for HEPA filter installations. For effective sealing integrity, the patented frame features a two level sealing surface connected by a bevel. This causes the filter gasket to be compressed in two stages as clamping pressure is applied. 

AAF’s calibrated spring-loaded clamps maintain up to 100 pounds pressure against the filter at each clamping point. Four clamps are used per filter to assure uniform pressure against the gasket. Single clamps are used around the perimeter of the frame bank, and double clamps are used along main runners.

Welded Bevel Seal Frames support many filters and accessories, and are lightweight and easy to install in any combination. The channel edge extrusion at the perimeter of each frame is compatible for interfacing with walls, floors, ductwork and other frames.

Standard Bevel Seal frames accommodate 24” x 24” gasketed HEPA filters in three thicknesses — 2-3/4”, 5-7/8” and 11-1/2”, with frames available for special size filters. The frames are designed to permit installation of adjacent filters at 3/4” intervals. This design feature maximizes the number of filters that can be installed in a given space and reduces resistance due to frame extrusions.

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