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Gitasan technology provides fast and effective on-site biological decontamination and sterilization eliminating pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and mould on surfaces and in the air.
The Rainbow GITASAN is a patented process for delivering fixed amounts of Chlorine Dioxide Gas. 
The Rainbow GITASAN is particularly suited for the removal of mould and fungus in small buildings, or disinfection of horticultural or animal husbandry facilities. The key feature of the Rainbow GITASAN process is the use of a fixed amount of Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide solutions that are activated by a proprietary Rainbow Activator DRA2 to produce a predictable volume of Chlorine Dioxide Gas.
The Rainbow GITASAN process maximises the amount of Chlorine Dioxide Gas that is kept in solution until it is released from the solution and into the air by the combination of the Rainbow micro-bubble technology and power air blowers that maximise the circulation. As a result, maximum safety is assured.
The Rainbow GITASAN system is battery or mains powered, offering a high degree of flexibility in locations. The pre-set concentrations of GITASAN Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Solution, DRA2 Activator and the Rainbow GITASAN system are ideal for destroying mould in large rooms, homes and factories as well as horticultural and animal husbandry facilities.
Chlorine Dioxide gas is a potent oxidiser and sanitising agent with a short half life which makes it ideal to remove mould, pathogens and odours while not leaving potentially harmful residues. Large concentrations of chlorine dioxide in air can cause explosions and health risk and as a result the Rainbow GITASAN process is a major contribution in offering powerful and portable sanitation and mould removal systems with relatively high levels of safety.
It is important that the operator of the Rainbow GITASAN system should be accredited to use the system, understand building codes, safety procedures and competent to establish safety and evaluation protocols to ensure the effective and safe removal of mould from the site. 

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